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Get The Complete Training Here: http://offrak.Dom/u8soccerdrills How is this training different? The u8 soccer drills methods I teach actually helped several other players reach All-American status and a couple others received honourable mentions. And it was all after they had gone through my training program. The thing I realized about training after watching the pros and working with high level coaches was that traditional soccer practices were NOT the correct way to become a great player. Traditional soccer practices are meant for team building much more than developing your own skills. So I developed a training method designed specifically for sky-rocketing a players individual skills. Ceres what I did: First, I created training sessions that simulated game speed and conditions so that the skills you practice are easy to apply when it is game time. Next, I developed highly effective u8 soccer drills that are specifically designed to quickly improve individual soccer skills such as ball control, touch, dribbling skills, passing skills, shooting power and precision, and even soccer I.Q. And finally, I made sure that every player that went through my program would be the most skilled player on the field every timely teaching a plethora of advanced soccer moves that are guaranteed to keep the defender guessing and on their heels. It's all about Dynamic Touches Ceres a quick question for you: What was the soccer skill that Wayne Rooney said was THE most important part of being a great player? Answer: He said, touch, was the key aspect of being a great player and even more specifically your first touch. The Epic Soccer Training system actually uses drills and exercises that are designed to drastically improve your touch. And while a lot of u8 soccer drills teach you slow movements, I found that dynamic touches where you are moving at a fast pace is much more effective in developing your skills. You can actually get thousands of more effective touches in just a fraction of the time with this training program. So you get better faster! Check out my training here: http://offrak.Dom/u8soccerdrills Topics covered in this video: u8 soccer drills u8 soccer practice plans u8 soccer drills defence u8 soccer offence tube.Dom/watch? V=OqtJO...

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It shows in the results this season: 30 games played, 30 games won, a scarcely probable 329 goals scored in a league largely consisting of neighborhood teams from Catalonia. Celia Segura, playing against Sporting Gava in December, was the league’s top scorer. There is only one aspect in which this team can be marked as different from Soccer Scores all the other Barcelona sides brimming with hopefuls who wear that famous jersey, who dream of following in the footsteps of Xavi Hernández and Gerard Piqué and Andrés Iniesta and all the rest. It is that its roster is made up of girls, and they play in, and dominate, a league populated by boys. [Sign up for Rory Smith’s weekly newsletter on world soccer: Rory Smith on Soccer .] This season, for the first time, Barcelona entered its under-12 and under-14 girls’ teams in local boys’ leagues. It was not the first Spanish team to do so: The choice has formed part of Atlético Madrid’s youth policy for some time, and Athletic Bilbao has also recently adopted the idea. Barcelona celebrated after winning a tournament in Elche, Spain, during its league’s Easter break. Instructions on the whiteboard in the locker room. Barcelona’s Laura Martin celebrated her 12th birthday with her teammates and friends at a sports center in Sant Boi. But Barcelona has been so impressed by the results that starting next season, it will do the same with its under-10 girls’ team.

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Though the victory gave the Mustangs a third-straight championship, coach Barry Brodsky was sincere in saying it was an experience that still felt brand new. “You can’t even remember that you did it before. You don’t even know you’ve ever won (a title),” Brodsky said. “That’s the mentality.” The decisive goal came late in overtime when sophomore Maria Askounis pounced on a rebound from a shot created by a corner kick. The resulting sigh of relief among the Mustangs players was palpable. “I was behind her, so I saw the whole thing,” senior Morgan Cochran said, reliving the moment afterward. “I just immediately went into shock. It was amazing.” Asked what he saw on the play, Brodsky said he couldn’t even describe it. “I can’t tell you. I’m coaching on the bench. When we get a corner, I’m telling people what we want and what we want to do,” Brodsky said.

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